Free Geek Vector Character Set

Free geek vector character set designed in 4 different styles. That’s a really useful set that could come in handy for all kind of projects related to IT and technology. Continue reading

Geek Superhero Vector Character

Geek superhero vector character released today for free download! Grab the Ai and PDF sources completely for free! Continue reading

Nerd Vector Character

Nerd vector character designed in 3 different styles. We have created a typical nerd illustration - he’s got big glasses, strange haircut and an ordinary jeans. Continue reading

Geek Girl Vector Character

Geek girl vector featuring charming and friendly look. Our nerd girl is the perfect addition for your design related projects. Geek girl vector character suitable for information and technology designs. We have created a vector girl character that will add friendly look and feel to your projects. Our geek girl vector is not the typical geek. She is bright and … Continue reading

Geek Boy Vector Character

Geek boy vector character holding a notebook in his hand. That’s a really smart and cute boy that could help you with any project related to education and school. Continue reading

Geek Girl Vector Character

Geek girl vector character designed in sweet and charming style. That’s the geeky girl that could help your project to stand out from the crowd. Download the Ai and PDF sources completely for free! Continue reading

Boy Vector Character with Bag and Notepad

Boy vector character with bag and notepad, useful for a wide range of purposes. If you want to make your website more fresh and animated, than maybe it’s a good idea to use vector character. Whatever the case, this character will certainly liven up your projects and make them more notable. Continue reading

Librarian Vector Character

Librarian vector character designed especially for those businesses that are related to publishing, book trading and distribution. These could be bookstores, public libraries and many more. Continue reading

Clever Boy Vector Character

Clever boy vector character with friendly smile and welcome look. This guy will definitely improve the look of your projects. He is suitable for educational programs, libraries, school projects and many more. You could also use this vector character for both web and print projects. Continue reading

Schoolboy Vector Character

Schoolboy vector character featuring friendly look and feel. We have created a vector character that will suit both web and print projects. Moreover, all kind of businesses that focus on educational programs could benefit by using our vector character. Continue reading

Student Vector Character

Student vector character featuring clean and clear look. It’s the fresh colors, nice clothes and cool shoes that produce that fresh and cheerful appearance here. Do not hesitate and grab the vector sources of our student character now! Continue reading

Business Boy Vector Character

Business boy vector character designed in 7 moods and poses. This cheerful boy vector will produce warm and friendly look to your projects. Grab all vector files now completely for free! Free business boy vector character featuring smart and nerdy look. He looks eager to do business and promote products. This makes our business boy vector the perfect addition to … Continue reading
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