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Male Hero Vector Character

Male Hero Vector Character

Geek male hero vector character released today for free download! Grab the Ai and PDF sources completely for free!

Geek Superhero Vector Character

Geek Superhero Vector Character

This male hero vector character is gifted with the power to make your projects look better. Download the Ai and PDF sources now completely for free!

Do you know what your designs need to stand out from the rest? That’s right, a superhero character! And we’ve got a really good superhero here. All you need to do is just hit the download button. That will give you the Ai and PDF sources instantly.

File Format: AiPDF
2.430 MB

3 Responses to Male Hero Vector Character

  1. Carlos Michael Padilla, M.Ed. says:

    The Superhero vector characters rock! I will be purchasing a few sets soon.

  2. Elvin Sanchez says:

    Is this vector available to purchase with different poses or actions?

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