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3 Wooden Doll Mascots

3 Wooden Doll Mascots

Great wooden mascots released today for free download! Designed in 3 different colors, these wooden characters symbolize strength, health, power, fortune and long life. At first, these mascots have been popular in Japan (the local people called them “Kokeshi”). Then, at once they spread all over the world and now we are happy to contribute with a “digital” copy of the wooden characters. Designed in simple, clean shapes that are good for all kind of website designs, business cards, flyers, posters, collages, and many more. There are blue, green and pink color variations of the wooden dolls included in the pack. So do not hesitate anymore and download now for free, thanks to DapinaColada.

File Format: .png, .ico
Number of Items in Set: 3
Author: DapinoColada

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