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Cute Vector Robot Character

Cute Vector Robot Character

Cute vector robot character designed in simple, yet attractive style. That’s a really sweet robot that could come in handy for any project – educational websites, kids games and anything else related to internet and technology.

Cute vector robot character designed in simple and clear style. We’ve managed to design a robot character that could come in handy in any case, both web and print projects. What we have here is a cute vector robot that will really add welcome and friendly look to your creative projects. The best part is that our robot vector character comes completely free of charge and you can use it both for personal and commercial projects.

Just look at that face, isn’t he sweet? We assure you that your visitors will fall in love with our robot. For example, place the vector character on your slider carousel and then put your content there. We assure you that our robot character will help you to call for action.

The vector sources of our robot character are properly organized. We made sure that everything is easy to reshape and customize. All you need is Adobe Illustrator and some basic skills in graphic design. Even more, if you are good at character designing, you could take our robot just as a starting point and then create a custom posture. This way, you will have a robot character that completely fits your projects.

Cute Vector Robot Character Preview

Cute Vector Robot Character Preview

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