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Fitness Guy Vector Character

Fitness Guy Vector Character

Fitness guy vector character that could easily fit to any kind of print or web related projects. To ease your work and save you time even more we have included this awesome background. This way you will not have any trouble while you are placing the character in your artwork.

Fitness guy vector character that will help you to add more attractive and sportive look to your artworks. If you need a character with strong and healthy look? Look at this guy here! He is sweat after hours of hard work in the gym. You know what they say: “the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”. We have no doubts that our fitness guy will be quite useful for any kind of sport related projects.

Downloading the archive, you will receive Ai source file, carefully prepared to be easy for editing and customizing. Of course in order to open it you will need Adobe Illustrator and probably some basic skills.

Download it even if you don’t need it right now it will surely be in use latter.

Fitness Guy Vector Character

Fitness Guy Vector Character

File Format: Ai, PDF
Size: 1.88 MB
Author: VectorCharacters

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