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Free Vector Apple Characters Set

Free Vector Apple Characters Set

A Collection of 10 Apple Characters, available for free download. This vector apple pack contains 10 high-quality apple characters made in different styles.

This set includes vector apples with eyes and mouths. Some of the apple characters have legs and arms. We’ve designed them in different styles, so you can use them in a huge variety of design styles.

You can modify all of the characters to fit your design needs – change their colors or shapes to make them perfect for your projects with just a few clicks. You can do this easily because we’ve made the characters by using vector shapes. You will only need vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator CS6+ and then… it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

In this collection of apple characters we’ve included 10 vector apples made in the most used design styles – there are outline apples, 3D apples, and flat apples.

You can combine these apple characters with our Free For Download Cartoon Eyes Collection and create your own characters easily.

Free Vector Apple Characters Set

Free Vector Apple Characters Set

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