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Outline Travel Graphic Pack Vol.2

Outline Travel Graphic Pack Vol.2

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A vector graphic pack in an outline style, containing travel vector characters and tourist vectors, such as:

  • an outline man in a hurry, illustrated with two bags and a camera, running over the globe
  • a retro pilot vector character illustrated in a retro plane, drawn in an outline design
  • outline vector characters in a helicopter, illustrated waving
  • a chubby woman tourist in a dress and sunglasses, illustrated waving and holding her suitcase
  • a man tourist vector character illustrated holding two bags from a side view
  • a vector taxi with a taxi driver illustrated in an outline style
  • a tourist driving a car vector illustration with a lot of bags on top, from a front view

All travel vector characters can be downloaded for dree.

File Format: AiPDF

Size: 5,06 MB

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