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Vector Party Guy with Headphones

Vector Party Guy with Headphones

Vector party guy with headphones designed in a clear and clean style that would really help when creating any party project. Go ahead and grab this awesome freebie now!


Vector party guy with headphones made in vibrant colors that is clearly having the time of his life and listening to music. We have made a fun character with a flat and clean design, that would be perfect for any disco or party related needs.

The vector character can easily be modified, reshaped and recolored, as it is made only by vectors. You just need some basic skills in Adobe Illustrator CC to open the source file and edit the character. With basic skills and few clicks you can easily change every single shape color of effect.

If you need more male vector characters for your works, then you should check out our Man section and take your pick.

Go ahead and download this vector party guy with headphones absolutely for free by clicking on the Free Download button below.

Vector Party Guy with Headphones

Vector Party Guy with Headphones

File Format: Ai, PDF, PNG
Size: 2,86 MB
Author: VectorCharacters

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