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Builder Vector Character

Builder Vector Character

Builder vector character designed in clean and clear style. We have created a neat workman and and we’re sharing vector sources with you. Download the vector character for free now!


Builder vector character that is a young and cheerful boy. He looks skilled at doing all kind of work. He’s wearing safety helmet and carrying blueprints, displaying the plans with one hand.

Generally, it is a pretty good idea to add a vector character to your projects. You see, vector characters always produce welcome look and feel. People love vector characters and will surely spend more time on your website. And this will lead to increased traffic and sales. That is a good point for your business.

You could easily turn the builder vector character to a plumber, cable guy or even an assistant. All you have to do is open the vector files and reskin the character with Adobe Illustrator. We made it pretty easy to recolor and reshape. There are no merged layers and all effects are fully editable. So, take your time and customize the vector character to fit your own project.

The downloadable zip file also includes ready-to-use PDF and PNG files. You could use them on brochures, flyers, t-shirts, posters, etc.

If you need more male vector characters for your projects, then you should check out our Man section and take your pick. You can find all kinds of unique characters with different themes.

Go ahead and download this awesome freebie now by clicking on the Free Download button below!

Builder Vector Character

Builder Vector Character

File Format: Ai, PDF
Size: 2.50 MB
Author: VectorCharacters

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