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Woman Business Vector Character

Woman Business Vector Character

Free Woman Business Vector Character having a coffee break. This free vector is suitable for commercial use and comes with .ai and .pdf source files.

Woman Vector Character Preview Full

Woman Vector Character Preview Full

Today we present our latest woman business vector character. That’s a business woman having a coffee break in her office. Highly detailed illustration that could be useful for projects related to book-keeping. The woman vector is suitable for all business projects that need a trusty look.

Our download pack contains completely scalable shapes. Moreover, we made sure that it will not be a problem even for a newbie to work with our vector character. All layers are grouped and named. Everything is organized properly. This way we save you time and frustration. You need just some very basic skills and of course, Adobe Illustrator. It is a real pleasure to edit the vector character. So don’t worry about that.

We have created a woman vector that could be used for a wide range of businesses. One great use for the woman vector is to be applied as a secretary girl. Another good idea is to use the woman vector as a business woman. In both cases, you will have a good looking character in your design project. And the best part is that all vector files come in a single click. But note that you have to provide a backlink to our website. That is the only legal way to download the vector woman for free. Also, if you intend to spread the word about our vector character, you need to link back to this post. Do not link either to the download page or to the download archive. That’s not allowed.

Useful woman vector character for:

  • Finance.
  • Book-keeping.
  • Accounting.
  • Banks.
  • Business.

File Format: Ai, PDF
Number of Items in Set: 1
Size: 1.46 MB
Author: VectorCharacters


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