Happy Monster Vector Character

Happy monster vector character designed in orange colors. That’s definitely a top-notch vector illustration that will impress your clients and partners. We put our heart and soul into this monster illustration and we truly believe that we have surpassed ourselves. That’s a clean, sharp and clear vector character that will add a positive look & feel to your creative projects. … Continue reading

Blue Monster Character with Headphones

Blue monster character available in PDF and Ai sources. That’s a really cute monster character that will surely liven up your web and print projects. Blue monster character designed in a shapeless form. That’s a cute vector monster that looks pretty much addicted to music – he’s wearing headphones and is singing a song. Our big, blobby monster character will … Continue reading

Green Monster Vector Illustration

Green monster character designed in clean, sharp and clear style. That’s a great vector illustration that will meet all expectations referring to style, design and effects. We did our best to create a good looking, smart and cheerful monster character. And we truly believe that we have designed something unique. Our cartoon character is a great choice when it comes … Continue reading

Red Fluffy Monster Vector Character

Smiling, cheerful and lovely monster character designed in red color scheme. Our fluffy monster character is absolutely irresistible! It will produce friendly and welcoming atmosphere to your design related projects, be it a website design, mobile application or an email template. Be sure that by using our vector monster creature you will surely improve the whole look & feel of … Continue reading

Evil Monster Character Illustration

Today we’re glad to present our newest monster character illustration – a weird, evil but at the same time cute and lovely vector monster. Basically, it’s a great idea to place a monster character to a project, no matter if that’s a web or print related artwork. Moreover, we assure you that our top-notch graphic illustration will boost your project … Continue reading

Cute Monster Character

Today we’re happy to present our newest vector character – really cute and fresh monster illustration that looks pretty much addicted to music. We love creating fresh vector illustrations that bring joy and happiness to others and community. And now we are releasing our monster cartoon character for free download! It’s a must have vector illustration! Our sweet monster character … Continue reading

Funny Monster Cartoon Character

We’re glad to announce that today we’re releasing a funny monster cartoon character for free download. This monster vector character is one of a kind! We put our heart and soul into this monster character and we truly think that we’ve designed something original and unique. Moreover, we’ve created the monster illustration with all print and web needs in mind … Continue reading

Funny Monster Character Illustration

Super attractive monster character full of or promoting cheer, joy and happiness. His cheerful nature will surely make your project stand out from the crowd, you know that generally by placing cool vector characters to websites for example, they produce welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We did our best to create a contemporary creation, a great combination between ducky feet and … Continue reading

Sweet Monster Vector Illustration

Sweet vector monster character designed in two different postures – front and back. That’s perfect for t-shirt designs, we assure you that your t-shirt will look fresh & funny. Also, feel free to apply the vector mascot to any other web or print project – website design, poster, presentation, book cover, blog, mobile application, book cover, etc. We did our … Continue reading

Cute Death Mascot – Grim Reaper

Cute death mascot designed as the most popular skeletal figure – the grim reaper. We did our best to make this vector character more friendlier and funny and the final result is a high quality, clean and fresh character illustration that looks outstanding. It seems that the angel of death needs some love and more surprisingly, this death vector character … Continue reading

Muscle Vector Illustration

Impressive vector character showing off his muscles to prove how strong he is. He’s furious and angry – you can get that by the fire in his eyes. Great cartoon character for any fitness, bodybuilding and sport related projects. Made of vector shapes which are good for rescaling to any resolution. That’s why you could use the cartoon character to … Continue reading

Free Water Drop Vector Character

Awesome vector character presenting a sick water drop. Great vector illustration that will surely come in handy when designing for any non-profit, charity or eco organizations. It’s a really detailed cartoon character expressing fear and amazement. Of course, you can grab this vector character and modify its look & feel to a more friendly and fresh. Just download the vector … Continue reading
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