Savanna Wild Animals


Savanna Wild Animals is a pack that gathers popular vector wild animals inhabiting African Savanna and Sahara desert. The set contains 17 vector animal characters such as:

  • Vector elephant
  • Vector elephant with a flower
  • Vector rhino
  • Vector hippo
  • Vector hippo with a snorkel
  • Vector giraffe with a scarf
  • Vector zebra eating leaves
  • Vector ostrich
  • Vector lion wearing a crown
  • Vector kangaroo with boxing gloves
  • Vector camel with 2 keffiyeh styles
  • Vector meerkat with a leaves skirt and a flower on his head
  • Vector baby crocodile
  • Vector crocodile with a book
  • Vector lemur – 2 eye color options

All wild animals vectors are free to download.

Vector Wild Animals

Vector Wild Animals

File Format: Ai, PDF
Size: 8.98 MB
Author: VectorCharacters

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